Need a Private Loan Quickly?

You Are Not Eligible for a Mortgage from a Financial Institution or Bank?

It may happen that you are not eligible for a mortgage or a personal loan from a financial or banking institution. For various reasons, you may be denied access to credit: poor credit score, low income, non-eligible income. How can you release capital?

A Private Loan could be just the thing for you!

Refinancement Hypothécaire is proud to help Quebec residents gain access to credit with a private loan! We consider the value of your property to help you finance your various purchases and projects. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your situation!

What Is a Private Loan or Credit?

A private loan is very similar to a mortgage or personal loan from a bank. The big difference is that the funds you receive from a private loan come from an individual or business, often called a private lender. This type of loan is usually of shorter duration and carries a greater risk for the lender.

When to Apply for a Private Loan?

The private loan is an interesting alternative for people who are looking to finance a project, for example a home renovation or the purchase of a new car, but have a “risky” profile. Banks often turn down financing requests from individuals with a poor payment history or low income. A private lender has excellent relationships with several banking institutions to help you with your loan applications. If these searches are unsuccessful and your loan applications are denied, a private lender will offer you a loan based on the value of your property rather than your profile!

What Is a Private Lender?

A private lender is an individual or group that acts as an investor. They have access to a source of capital that they use to make private loans, such as mortgage refinancing or debt consolidation.

Access a Private Lender with No Credit Inquiries!

Rather than relying on financial profile and history when applying for a loan, Refinancement Hypothécaire relies on the value of your property. This is a significant advantage for you as the borrower: your application can be processed, approved and the money sent very quickly. You are guaranteed to get a quick response and an optimal strategy!

Benefits of Private Loans

A Quick Process and Easy Access to Funds

Private lenders are not subject to the same rigid processes and bureaucracy as traditional banking institutions. Approving a loan application at a financial institution can take days, or even weeks in some cases. With Refinancement Hypothécaire, you can apply for a loan in minutes: our team can evaluate your application and give you an answer in less than a day!

The simplicity and speed of a private loan makes it a perfect option for people with urgent needs!

Keep Your Credit Score Intact

Unlike declaring bankruptcy, a debt consolidation loan will not have a negative impact on your credit score. Since it is a loan like any other, you do not put yourself in a bad financial situation. Don’t forget that declaring bankruptcy gives your file the “R9” mark, which makes it very difficult to access credit for 7 years. Refinancement Hypothécaire can help you avoid this situation with the help of a solid budget!

A Loan Based on the Value of Your Home, Not Your Credit Score

As private lenders, we have made the decision to base our mortgage loans primarily on the value of your property, not your credit history or score! In addition to speeding up the entire process by eliminating the need for extensive documentation and paperwork, private lenders provide access to credit for more people.

Whether it is for an acquisition, an investment, a mortgage or a debt consolidation, we are here to help you!

Flexible Terms and Conditions to Suit Your Needs

We work in your best interest, which is why we are willing to meet with you to discuss your payment capabilities. Making sure you are able to pay back your private loan is important to us, so we offer flexible payment terms and solutions to keep your monthly payments as low as possible and save you money on your repayment!

A Discrete Process

We understand and respect our clients’ discretion when borrowing! All information shared with Refinancement Hypothécaire will remain confidential and will not be passed on to another mortgage broker without your consent.

Refinancement Hypothécaire Works with you for the Best Possible Terms!

Our guideline is and will always be very clear: we work in the interest of our clients and encourage the success of their various projects. This is why we listen to your needs and take the time to evaluate your case in order to offer you reliable services and personalized recommendations.

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Assistance with Financial Institutions for a Regular Loan

The first step for our clients is always to approach different financial institutions to try to secure a traditional mortgage. Traditional lenders are an option that will offer you better regular interest rates and the possibility of a longer term loan. We explore different financing options with you to ensure that a private loan is the best option for you!

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Refused by the Bank? We Can Help!

Your credit score is not very good and you are looking for alternative financing? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and your financial situation with our advisors. We will be happy to evaluate different options and explore the possibilities offered by a private loan with Refinancement Hypothécaire. Thanks to our flexibility and human approach, we are confident that a loan with us is an excellent option for your different projects.

Contact us today to get your money flowing quickly!

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Learn More About Privates Loans

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How Can a Private Loan Be Used?

A private loan with Refinancement Hypothécaire can be used in many ways by our clients. Some of the most popular uses of a private loan principal are for a new acquisition, mortgage refinancing or debt consolidation.

Private Mortgage Refinancing

Need capital for a major project or to cover unexpected expenses? If you own real estate, whether it’s a home or a business, a private mortgage refinance loan is a strategy that can get you money fast!

Learn more about mortgage financing.

Private Debt Consolidation

A great alternative to bankruptcy is debt consolidation, which combines all your debts into a single loan. Instead of paying your various creditors (credit cards, lines of credit, banks, etc.), you combine all your debts into one monthly payment to a private lender! It’s a simple and effective way to regain control of your debts.

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What Is the Interest Rate for a Private Loan at Refinancement Hypothécaire?

The interest rates offered by Refinancement Hypothécaire will be based on various factors, such as the value of your property and the risk level of the loan. As you would expect, interest rates from private lenders are higher than rates offered by traditional loans from financial institutions. However, there are many advantages to this method of financing: a faster process, more flexible terms and easier access to credit.

Refinancement Hypothécaire is proud to provide competitive interest rates on its private loans in Quebec!

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