A Financial Institution or Bank Says You Are Not Eligible for a Mortgage?

In many specific situations, you may not be eligible to receive a mortgage or personal loan from a financial institution or bank. A refusal to access the requested credit can be caused by different reasons: bad credit rating, lack of income, ineligible income. What recourse do you have to free up capital?

Consider an Alternative Loan to Solve Your Problem!

Refinancement Hypothécaire is proud to help Quebec residents gain access to credit through an alternative loan. During our consultations, we evaluate the value of your assets such as your property, this step helps us to give you an estimate of fees to help you finance your purchases and projects. Contact us to learn more about your financial situation! 

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What Is an Alternative Loan or Credit?

An alternative loan is quite similar to a mortgage or personal loan taken from a banking institution. The difference is that compared to a loan from a bank, the alternative loan comes from an individual or business. They are called a private lender, they prepare for a higher risk in their loans, but they are also lending money for a shorter period of time. 

When Is an Alternative Loan the Best Solution?

An alternative loan is a useful solution for people who are looking for a source of financing for a project, such as renovations or the purchase of a car, but who have a risky profile. Because of their higher risk, banks may refuse financing requests from people with a poor payment history or low income. 

Fortunately, the private lender has a relationship with financial institutions and banks, it is through these relationships that lenders can help you with your loan applications. When the search is unsuccessful and your loan application is denied, you can turn to a private lender for a loan based on the value of your property. 

What is a Private or Alternative Lender?

A private lender is an individual or group that acts as an investor, the private lender can also be a company. Private lenders have access to a source of capital that they use to make private loans, such as mortgage refinancing or debt consolidation.

Take Advantage of a Private Lender with No Credit Inquiries!

Instead of relying on a person’s financial profile or even history when applying for a loan, Refiancement Hypothécaire relies on the value of the person’s property. The beauty of a private lender is that they rely on the value of your property instead of your credit score like a financial institution would. This system benefits you as a borrower: your application can be processed, approved and the money sent quickly after your request. Contact us for a quick response and an optimal strategy!

Benefits of Working with Alternative Lenders

An Efficient and Secure Process with Easy Access to Funds

Private lenders do not put you through the rigid processes and complicated bureaucracy of traditional banking and financial institutions. Loan application approval at a financial institution can take days, or even weeks in some cases. 

With Refinancement Hypothécaire, find peace of mind in knowing that you can apply for a loan in a matter of minutes. To serve you better, our team will be able to evaluate your file and give you an answer in less than a day!

The simplicity and speed of a private loan makes it a perfect option for those with urgent needs!

Keep Your Credit Score Intact with the Help of an Alternative Lender

As opposed to declaring bankruptcy, a private loan will not have a negative impact on your credit score. Since it is a loan like any other, you do not put yourself in a bad financial situation. Let’s not forget that declaring bankruptcy gives your file the “R9” mark, which makes it very difficult to access credit for 7 years. Refinancement Hypothécaire can help you avoid this situation with the help of a solid budget!

Alternative Financing based on Your Property's Value, Not Your Credit Score

As private lenders, in order to help all people who may be in need, we have made the decision to base our loans on the value of your property. When granting mortgages, we do not rely on your credit history or credit score. An alternative loan is relatively risky for both parties involved. The application process for an alternative loan is more accelerated overall. We don’t ask for numerous documents and other endless paperwork. We are proud to be able to help many people and lend capital to more people who are left behind by financial institutions.  

Whether it is for an acquisition, an investment, a mortgage or a debt consolidation, Refinancement Hypothécaire’s team is there for you!

You Have the Final Say: Our Terms and Conditions Are Flexible to Your Needs

We work every day to get you what you need, which is why we want to meet with you to discuss your financial capabilities and payments. Refinancement Hypothécaire offers flexible terms based on your needs because we want to make sure that you are in a financial position where you are able to pay off your alternative loan. 

Flexible payments are available as well as reduced monthly payment fees to give you the opportunity to save on your repayment. 

Discrete Events Sequels for those Involved

We understand and respect our clients’ discretion when borrowing! Any personal information that is shared with Mortgage Refinancing will remain confidential and will never be given to another mortgage broker without your consent. You can trust us with your personal information. 

Refinancement Hypothécaire Is Your Ally in Choosing the Best Possible Private Financing Terms!

We take our mission and values seriously; we work in the best interests of our clients and help them succeed in their projects. Our guideline is very clear to all staff members. That’s why all of our employees listen to your needs and take the time to evaluate your case to ensure that we offer you the best and most reliable services and personalized recommendations.

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Professional Assistance with Financial Institutions for a Regular Loan

Our service always begins with personalized support to our clients when approaching different financial institutions in an attempt to secure a traditional mortgage. With traditional lenders, you can expect better regular interest rates with the possibility of a long term loan. With alternative lenders, we will explore with you the different financing possibilities to ensure the best option for you!

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Denied by the Bank? We Can Help!

Find yourself with a credit score denied by banking institutions? Contact our alternative financing experts to discuss your needs and how we can help you improve your financial situation. We will be happy to evaluate the different options available and explore the possibilities offered by a private loan with Refinancement Hypothécaire. With a flexible and human approach, we are convinced that a loan with us is an excellent option for your projects.

Contact us to get your money flowing today!

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